About Us
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Core Values of The Robinson Helicopter Owners Group (A.K.A. RHOG)

To Provide Our Members with Exceptional Value: The Robinson Helicopter Owners Group is comprised of members with high standards and those who conduct themselves in the most professional and ethical manner. We welcome enthusiasts of all ages as well as students and masters of the craft of helicopter aviation. Whether you are well versed in flying Robinson Helicopters or have a passion for learning more, your participation is valued here. We operate by the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and this premise has served our community well. Inside our member forum, you’ll find expert advice from brilliant aviation minds that’ll help assist you with Robinson Helicopter-specific topics, as well as a classifieds section for buy-sell opportunities for parts and “gently used” Robinson Helicopters.

Vigorous Promotion of Safe Operations in Rotary Aviation: From liftoff through landing, we promote safe operations and maintenance of the Robinson brand of helicopters. Our members share experiences and lessons that have helped produce a community of helicopter operators who genuinely care about helping you enjoy a safe journey in the sky. By providing a centralized forum dedicated to only Robinson Helicopters’ we are able to focus on specific safety features, operational features, and repair options. Quite simply, The RHOG is the leading resource on the web for Robinson Helicopter owners and enthusiasts.

A Resource for Robinson Helicopter Owners for Technical Discussions: As an RHOG member, you have access to R22, R44, and R66 technical discussions on the forum to help you with all kinds of issues. This valuable information, specific to the Robinson Helicopter series, provides you with data to assist with repairs, maintenance, and upgrades of the aircraft, all with a few searches. If you can’t find the answer to your question in our forum, our worldwide membership of other Robinson Helicopter supporters is available for you query 24/7/365.