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1997 R22 Beta II (OH'd 2016) - Listing # 381H

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Exterior Base: White. Exterior Trim: Dark Blue. (Note: Registration Markings are Taped On) Interior: Tan Leather. Cabin Heater Defogger. Engine Priming System. Fire Extinguisher with Pocket. Vertical Card Compass. 2 Bubble Windows. King 197A Com. King KT76A Transponder. Kannad 406 ELT. Collective Hobbs Meter. North East Engineering Bear Paws. Note: ground handling wheels not included in sale. Directional Gyro and Artificial Horizon with Slip/Skid Indicator, shown in photos, are not included in sale and will be uninstalled prior to closing. 362 TSOH. LOCATION: CANADA FUEL BLADDERS INSTALLED 2200 HOUR FIELD OVERHAUL PERFORMED IN 2016 @ 6596 TT NEW "-6" MRBs INSTALLED IN 2016 AT OH

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Phone: Andres Kerllenevich

Location: Florida,

Price: $178000.00