'09 R44II Helicopter crash in Rising Sun, Indiana
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'09 R44II Helicopter crash in Rising Sun, Indiana

07-25-2011 05:40:51

Locally we have heard that this R44II had low hours.  Story going around is that he was low on fuel... also saying that may have been because he did not want to pay the price where he was and was heading to a lower cost FBO... again just the current story.  Anyone know more?  Nothing has been posted or published since this happened 7/9/2011 near Cincinnati, OH
Kentucky man killed in SE Indiana helicopter crash
RISING SUN - A Kentucky man was killed in a helicopter crash in southeastern Indiana Saturday.

State police say 60-year-old A. Joseph Ohnheiser of Sadieville, Kentucky died in the crash near Rising Sun in Ohio County. Authorities have determined Ohnheiser lost radar contact with air traffic controllers around 9:30 am. A woman in the area told police she and her husband thought they heard a crash about an hour later.

The crash site was located around 4:40 pm. Investigators will return to the site Sunday morning to continue the investigation.

The Ohio County coroner will conduct an autopsy on Ohnheiser Sunday.
RISING SUN, Ind. -- Indiana State Police have identified the victim of a fatal helicopter crash.
Police said Joseph Ohnheiser, 60, of Sadieville, Ky., died when his helicopter crashed Saturday near Rising Sun, Ind.
The helicopter took off from Georgetown, Ky., on Saturday morning and went off the radar about 9:30 a.m., police said.
The wreckage was located by Civil Air Patrol at 3:20 p.m., about a mile into a wooded area near the intersection of Dutch Ridge and state Route 56. It wasn't until an hour later that ground crews were able to reach the wreckage.
Dianne Davis and her husband were in their garden Saturday morning when the crash happened. They said they didn't think much of the chopper at first.
"He just heard it go up the river and he knew it was low. And then all of a sudden he heard a crash," Davis said. "I didn't see smoke, oil, anything."
"It looks like as (Ohnheiser) went down into the ravine, he took out some treetops. He was going down at an angle," said ISP spokesman Sgt. Noel Houze.
Representatives from the National Transportation Safety Board were expected to arrive at the crash site Sunday morning to investigate the cause of the crash.
Ohnheiser's remains were taken from the wreckage Saturday evening by the Ohio County Coroner's Office. An autopsy was scheduled for Sunday.
Aircraftone.com shows a 2009 R44 Raven II helicopter registered to Joseph Ohnheiser.


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07-25-2011 04:14:52
NTSB report quotes nearby witnesses stating that there was dense fog in the area.
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09-25-2011 10:28:56

Witnesses who lived near the accident site reported observing dense ground fog along the river and near the accident site at the time of the accident.