-4 Main rotors, when do they expire?
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-4 Main rotors, when do they expire?

01-21-2015 03:06:48

-4 main rotors that were mfg in Jan 2005 and installed in Feb 2005.  Do they expire in 2017 or did the new AD give all of them, regardless of mfg date, airworthiness until Jan 2020?


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01-21-2015 03:21:53
My -4's were installed Nov. 2005.
They Calendar out in Nov. 2017.
I will never hit 2,200 hours on them in my case.
Based on what my IA has explained to me, looks like you Calendar out 12 years after install which sounds like Feb. 2017 to me.
This advice may be worth what you paid for it, but I've heard this scenario more than once, and got the same answer over and over.

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01-21-2015 08:22:13
Yes, Jeff is correct, the blades will expire in 2017 as they would have before the AD was issued.  You do not get an extra 3 years life out of the blades (getting 15 yrs life).  In terms of your operation, nothing will change other than changing the AD identifier in your log book when signing out the AD.