Android apps for R44 navigation
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Android apps for R44 navigation

05-19-2013 08:29:51

Hello I just became an R44 Raven II owner yesterday, and was wondering if there were any outstanding android apps to use as a gps/moving map setup.  I favor Samsung tablets and was hoping to dedicate one to my R44.  Last, assuming i can use a tablet in this way, any recommendations on how and where to mount it.



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05-20-2013 03:47:33
Congratulations on your new purchase. I use a RAM mount suction cup on the side of the windscreen. Good luck with your search.
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05-22-2013 11:44:07
Although I am Ipad user try air nav pro. I think its available on Android.

In Europe also sometimes people use Jeppesen software, Skydemon, RocketRoute