another MR blade issue at 104 hrs
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another MR blade issue at 104 hrs

08-07-2015 03:50:59

will this ever stop??? ...from Flight Safety Australia Robinson R44 main rotor blades—main rotor blade debonded. SDR 510020934 While carrying out CASA AD/R44/25 Amdt 1, it was decided to remove both tip caps from the blades. Small blister found on the underside of the band line on one blade. After removal of corrosion it was obvious debonding had occurred. On other blade, fretting line on the trailing edge of the weight cap was found. P/No: C0167. TSN: 104 hours.


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09-27-2015 01:34:57
I had the same issue with -7 blades (the latest aluminum leading edge blades) with 390 hr. T.T. I sent them back to the factory for inspection, one blade was considered un-airworthy and the other required refinishing with the latest primer and top coat. The one that was condemned had a small blister about one half the size of a pencil eraser on the leading edge out next to the tip cap. California will not allow zinc chromate primer to be sprayed from a paint gun. I'm sure Robinson was using a water base primer just like all the auto paint shops in CA. The latest fix is, CA has allowed Robinson to apply zinc chromate via rolling it on. With the hundreds, possibly thousands of blades being sent back to the factory plus the production line requirements blades are not available for a long time.
My first invoice as was $26,000. After a phone call to Robinson they said, well how about $12,000.
Then after two emails to Kurt Robinson I am getting two new blades for $9,000 someday. New blades sell for $19,900 each.
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09-28-2015 12:02:17
I'm in the potential market for a newer ship as my Astro is almost timed out- I'm not even looking at a Robbie b/c of the blade issue - going to buy a used Jet Ranger! Why Robbinson doesn't sub contract out their blades is beyond reason - just sayin.
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02-13-2019 08:06:19

How did you get Kurts email.  I am having the same issue and they have offered me blades on my existing spindles for 25,000 which is completely unacceptable

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02-15-2019 03:31:09

Jon, Try contacting Loretta Conley.  Ask her to forward the email to Kurt.

Loretta Conley
310-539-0508 x 235


She is the PR person at Robinson.

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01-21-2020 10:06:29

I just ordered a new R44 from them. 

The treatment of new aircraft owners by Robinson is atrocious. What happened to their warranty ?  I hope I do not regre my decision to buy  Robinson

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01-21-2020 10:25:55

I like the Robinson Product, just not the Rotor Blade service life.

4th Set of Rotor Blades is soon to be shipped to me for my 20 year old Beta II, that I've owned since new, and flown as a one pilot machine, hangered every day/night of it's life.

Set three, achieved 783 hours total time and 6 years and 8/9 months of service before the delamination occured internally.

Set two also delaminated at 10 years

Set One was AD'ed out of service at about 5 years of life. Probably were the best blades to ever ride on my aircraft !!!