collective-activated hour-meter not working properly
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collective-activated hour-meter not working properly

08-06-2018 01:41:40

anybody on here experience the hour meter not working properly? i flew 3 sorties in the last few days, all of them over an hour. based on my digital clock . but the hour meter only recorded about .2 or .3 . any info is appreciated.thanks all.


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10-25-2018 02:38:31

It sounds like it is an open circuit or an intermitant connection.  Check the wiring circuit for continuity.

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09-01-2019 02:13:32

What I found?

Mine was the low rpm controller located under the left side of the instrument panel.when open it is attached to the panel that is swung open it’s  a small grey box.

first the hr meter stopped working on a flight. I decided to fly a known time and the low rpm warning came on during the low rpm test when the collective was raised while at 100%. We took a used controller and hooked it up and the problems were resolved.