Concorde's Last Departure
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Concorde's Last Departure

02-12-2008 05:25:22

really Neat...When I was in the NAVY we would be cruising around 41 or so over the pond and occasionally we would look up and see this friggn thing just cookin' along....Really awe inspiring.... We thought we were the only guys up there and we were in a GIV so we were movin' right along and then to see this thing just pass us like we were standing still. Funny thing about this audio is I thought it would be cool to hear but it was more "touching" than it was "cool"


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02-12-2008 12:54:22
What a great piece of audio, Grant. Living all my life here in New York, I had the privilege of seeing her inbound or outbound several times over the years. I brought my son to see one of the Concorde ships on display at historic Floyd Bennett Field last winter. What a machine, ahead of it's time. The only sight prettier than seeing it on the ramp was seeing it in flight (Although it was pretty cool seeing it being transfered on a barge on the Hudson River!).  8)