Helicopter Pilots Model Code of Conduct launched.
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Helicopter Pilots Model Code of Conduct launched.

07-23-2013 06:37:43

The Helicopter Pilots Model Code of Conduct (HMCC) was launched today. See attachment.

The HMCC documents are available at:

www.secureav.com/HMCC-Listings-Page.html  .

The HMCC articulates broad guidance?a set of values?to help a pilot interpret and apply standards and regulations, and to confront the real world challenges that could lead to a mishap. The Code provides a framework for how to think and act in situations that may not be covered by procedures, checklists, or operating manuals.

Then HMCC may have particular value to flight training and part 91 operations not adhering to SOPs.


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07-26-2013 05:56:46
What is the point of this?
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08-06-2013 04:48:50
I believe that it is something YOU and every heli pilot should aspire to trying to achieve for both safety reasons and to inspire confidence. 

In most professional organizations (police, fire, etc.) it defines how you act and function so as to instill confidence and authority with the general public.

Something we as pilots in command of helicopters need to maintain as well... confidence and authority. 

So the more we can incorporate these standards into our daily flight activities the more we will be looked up to and the more we truly be 'Pilots In Command'.

Realistically... there is no way I, or probably any of you, can function in accordance with every guideline... but I do believe that reviewing the document and taking away a couple things and applying them makes a difference.  Then in a few weeks apply a couple more items... its a journey not a destination to improving yourself.