Lunch Monday at Dolphin Restaurant, Harpswell, ME?
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Lunch Monday at Dolphin Restaurant, Harpswell, ME?

10-09-2011 07:51:09

This is a bit last minute, and crazy, but is anybody in the New England area interested in a flyin to Maine for lunch tomorrow? It's an unbelievably gorgeous spot, and has great food. I'm flying up with some friends about 1130, and it would be fun to be a group.

Dolphin is on the east side of Casco Bay, on the southerly tip of the peninsula (just across from Brunswick). Islands to the south are just close enough together to hop across.


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10-10-2011 03:25:46
just to busy to do it monday. have been there many times and love it. great seafood. perfect wx to go too.

went to sea side restaurant & pub in northern vt friday and saw some bright colors.