NOAA proposes to regulate airspace
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NOAA proposes to regulate airspace

01-15-2011 11:41:40

The text below is the complete text of a message recently posted to a seaplane pilot message board.  Since helicopters fly low also, I thought this would be interesting to some on this forum:


NOAA proposes to regulate airspace

In case anyone is interested and missed AOPA?s articles:

An AOPA articles addressing NOAA?s proposal to regulate airspace call it ?very significant to our members? and encourage members to ?review the notice of proposed rulemaking and provide comments to the NOAA?.

AOPA writes that ?Comments should refer to RIN 0648-AX79, and can be submitted by mail to Debra Malek, Office of National Martine Sanctuaries, 1305 East-West Highway, 11th Floor, Silver Spring, MD 20910 or be submitted electronically.? The web address for comments is

The most recent article is at

While the current proposal ?only? regulates airspace above four marine sanctuaries AOPA says it is a ?dangerous precedent for future regulation of the National Airspace System?.

It doesn?t sound like a good thing for seaplane pilots or GA as a whole

The obvious problem is that once one group can restrict overflights it opens the door for other groups to do the same - NOAA today, state parks and towns tomorrow, etc. etc. !!!!!!!!!!

The full article is at

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will accept comments until Feb. 7, 2011, on its proposed rule to restrict low-altitude flights over four national marine sanctuaries, granting an extension requested by AOPA in December.

AOPA reported on Dec. 15 that the NOAA proposal could have substantial impact on general aviation, and appears to conflict with the FAA?s sole authority to regulate airspace of the National Airspace System.

AOPA had submitted a request for an extension to allow more time to evaluate the proposal, discuss it with the FAA and NOAA, and provide comments. Members are encouraged to review the notice of proposed rulemaking and provide comments to the NOAA.

Please send your comments !!!


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01-17-2011 04:13:09
This is one of those things that chaps my A$$. NOAA Has no authority to do this, yet they assume they do. It has always been recommended to overfly sensitive wildlife areas with some altitude for this reason but it is a recommendation not a requirement. There will always be some bozo who makes it difficult for all of us, Sometimes the Bozo is us and sometimes its the Government.

Send your comment.

BTW - I'll bet when NOAA wants to do something in & around these sanctuaries they use aircraft when they need to.
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01-18-2011 04:22:57
Thanks for reminding to send feedback.  SUbmit electronically at:!submitComment;D=NOAA-NOS-2009-0237-0002