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Questions on the 66

01-16-2015 02:53:28

New to the forum here and glad to find it!

We are thinking about buying a new R66 and have some questions.

1.  What is BOSE Interface and is it worth the money?

2.  What is the better float option to go with now that Robinson and Dart have a decent option?

Any comments on the helicopter doing work commercially and private ownership?


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01-18-2015 04:08:20
I am not 100% sure but I think the Bose interface is to power the bose directly without the battery pack. For what it is worth, I have flown with Bose but think the Sennheiser is better for helicopter use. It is ever so slightly more pressure which seats it better and in my opinion quieter. The bluetooth also works well with my iphone. I have the standard plugs and am happy with it.

No idea about floats.
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01-18-2015 06:13:14
I believe the Bose interface is well worth the money. Also, the Bose A20 is significantly better than the A10. I always tell my customers to configuer the helicopter with the thought of the next buyer in mind. The 66 is now approaching $1,000,000. The buyer wants everything.

As for the floats, we have istalled six of the Dart floats on the 66. On a new ship I would probably go with the Factory option. However, the Darts have some advantages. A little lighter weaight and they are removable for a long cross country.

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01-19-2015 02:18:27
I purchased a 66 a few months ago. I really love it. The only thing I have to compare it to is the 44. I use it for private use. It always has the power available that I need where the 44 didn't. For me it was a pretty easy decision as I wanted a 5 seater and the only competitors were the bell 206 and ec120. the 66 out performs both for what I use it for. Not sure on the floats but I have the bose interface and it really cuts down the cabin noise however the 44 I flew didn't have it and it was a marginal difference. I wouldn't consider it a must but if you can afford it you will appreciate it.

Hope that helps.
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03-23-2015 04:17:06
Definitely go with Bose.

I have Dart floats. Now that the factory floats are available I would probably recommend factory ones. Two key considerations.

1 Factory installs air baloons under the seat. Similar to R44 clipper. In my view its better then loosing a substantial part of the storage area with the way Dart does it. I asked Dart to think about similar installation (ie under the seat) Would be willing to buy such upgrade. So far they do not want to do it.

2 In 44 floats were removable for cross-country trips. Would be very surprised if in 66 they would not be.
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03-23-2015 05:15:03
The Bose interface option give you the LEMO outlets so any manufacturers LEMO headsets work.

It's nice on noise canceling headsets because then you do not need to have the inline battery pack.

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08-31-2016 10:58:55
I bought a new 66 two years ago. It is a wonderful aircraft. I have had some issues with hot starts that are very expensive and time consuming. There seems to be a weak spot in the system. I am reaching out to Rolls and Robinson for some help and explanation on this issue but so far...
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11-27-2016 04:29:48
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12-05-2016 06:04:38
Can anyone help with information about connecting a battery charger to the battery minder plug of a R-66?