R-44 Preferred Cockpit gps and 2nd Transceiver?
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R-44 Preferred Cockpit gps and 2nd Transceiver?

11-23-2014 12:34:42

Wanting to make an upgrade from the Garmin 496...I have the pilot's bar already installed in the Raven 1...Garmin 696 or Aera 796 as possibles?  Recommendations for ease of use, easy to read in the daylight, features?

Also want to add a second comm transceiver...any experience with the new Garmin series that Robinson is using as a factory install?

Thanks in advance for thoughts and recommendations.


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11-26-2014 08:01:05
I would get an iPad and a good mount.
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11-26-2014 11:10:34
rich,  the pilot's bar is what Robinson lists in the brochure as the pilot's avionics console? How do you like that in your aircraft? I am thinking of putting in a pilot's avionics console for a Garmin but I am not sure I want that right in front of me. At six foot in height, I question if it will block some of my sight picture and overall view (particularly on short final to a confined area)?
Not familiar with the gps units you question, can't give any input on that.
It's amazing the evolution in GPS units in aircraft. The earliest models were well suited to helicopters and field work with quick one step waypoint creation and operations. As things have evolved, it seems even when you are good with the GPS unit and it's operation, you need a second pilot or an auto pilot to create waypoints and do field work on the go.  Very handy to have the map and situational awareness in challenging airspace though.
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11-29-2014 05:27:35
Thanks for the feedback...! 

Ive used the iPad some but find the glare off the screen is a problem, as is trying to read it in bright sunlight...

Sky surfer,

The pilot bar I have is just that, a bar that I can mount the 496 so it is right in front of me... With just the bar and the 496, there is no sight obstruction.

I do not have the console with the hood or cover...
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11-29-2014 11:59:45
I have the IPad mini suction cupped to the windshield above my right knee, no problems viewing the screen but you must have non polarised sunglasses.

Also have the 695 mounted on the dash, I find now mainly use the IPad with the garmin as a back up.