R22 and R44 Rotor blades.............Again!
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R22 and R44 Rotor blades.............Again!

01-03-2008 06:25:27

Well happy new year to all of my hovering brothers and sisters. Along with the new year comes a new AD listed in the federal register (2007-26-12) which will require another round of blade tap test and leading edge repainting within 10 hours time in service. A minor annoyance in and of itself. HOWEVER, the AD also requires a pilot to "before each flight visually check for any exposed (bare metal) skin to spar bonded area on the lower surface of each blade within the outboard 24 inches paying particular attention to the last 10 inches before the tip. An owner / operator (pilot) holding at least a private pilot certificate may perform this visual check and MUST ENTER COMPLIANCE INTO THE AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE RECORDS in accordance with 14 CFR 43.11 and 91.417 (a)(2)(V). If a pilot finds any area of skin bare metal in the outboard 24 inches of either blade, before further flight, a qualified mechanic must comply with the requirements of paragraph (a) of this AD". Now I am all about safety but to ground the aircraft because of a bit of bare skin is a bit much. There is no provision in the AD for a ferry flight to a maintenance facility. Having done a number of blade repaints I can tell you that it takes considerable time to smooth the bond line paint, mask the leading edge, mix the proper paint, paint, clean the paint gun and then if you didnt get the exact same amount of paint on each blade you will throw the main rotor out of balance span wise requiring a balance proceedure.
So anyhoo.  Who got good stuff for Christmas?


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01-04-2008 06:57:54
I got cash for Christmas:)
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01-04-2008 08:29:27
My Clipper II has 200 hours after one year of flying on the rainy west coast. I think I am up for a re-paint in 100 hours and I am going to then apply blade tape so I don't have to do this again. This is a common fix in other machines like the Bell 206. Airwolf has made this available to the R44 and R22. I don't know what it costs yet but it can't be that bad if it prevents the need for further maintenance.

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01-04-2008 09:30:57
Have you talked to Ed at E&B about blade tape? It sounds like it might be a good answer to our rainy climate and blade paint erosion. If he says it is a good plan, I will probably get it done as well.
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02-11-2008 03:22:22
To all that have read and commented on these posts regarding Airwolf Aerospace LLC.

We learned on Thursday 02/07/08 that Neil Kaye, the person who started all the negative attacks at Airwolf, has never spent one dime with Airwolf Aerospace LLC, Airwolf Filter Corp, or any other Airwolf company.  You are all victims of a giant hoax.  We were  under the impression that Mr. Kaye worked for a maintenance facility called Horizon Helicopters.  We learned on Thursday that in fact Mr. Kaye was in fact a customer of Horizon Helicopters and that Mr Kaye ordered our tape kit from Horizon Helicopters. Mr Kaye decided for some reason to call us direct to return a blade tape kit that he never ordered from us. This is what confused us in the first place. Had I known this before, our defense would have been cut and dry.  Mr Kaye has no business dealings with Airwolf whatsoever.  He should be talking to Horizon Helicopters the company that ordered our blade tape for his helicopter. We did nothing wrong. We did not sell Mr. Kaye anything and therefore he is entitled to no refund whatsoever from us.

We said we would not debate this on a public forum, but we seem to be dragged into defending ourselves while all this misinformation and lies are posted. And it is extremely difficult for us to mount any kind of defense when all of you seem so quick to rush to judgement, which is based on bad information provided to you all by one of your own.

So all of you who have had a say in any negative comment posted against Airwolf, need to ask yourself, now that you know the facts, what can you do to retract your comments as you did not know the real story? Don't believe us? Ask Mr. Kaye to produce an invoice showing he purchased the tape from Airwolf.  I can guarantee you without a shadow of doubt, he can't. Not possible. He never spent a dime with us. Whomever moderates this site is welcome to contact me directly and upon permission from Horizon Helicopters, I will provide a copy of the invoice to them for our blade tape kit.  I implore all of you who have been so vocal and negative toward Airwolf, to redirect that anger toward one of your own members, Mr. Kaye, the one who lead you all to believe that Airwolf had wronged him, when in fact he has spent no money with Airwolf.

We are entitled to and expect a public apology from all of you who were so eager to crucify us on this forum.  And as far as deleting all of the Airwolf Posts which someone suggested, I would think a much fairer one would be to remove everything else.

This will be our final post on this site. We have no time and see no point in doing so. It would be nice to read a lot of apologies from all of you who were so quick to judge us. It also would be nice of one of your moderators or whomever oversees this site to say  " I should have checked into this initial post and got Airwolf's side of the story before I allowed the post" "I screwed up and did my members an injustice"  Based on what I have seen so far, I am not going to hold my breath, but who knows, maybe you all will surprise me.

Jonny Quest
Airwolf Aerospace LLc.
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02-11-2008 04:39:48
For all on this forum, I too will make this my last post, as we should
move on.  I feel compelled to reply to the claim that I have
perpetrated a hoax. I keep my helicopter at Horizon, which is owned by
Harry Griffith. His wife is Judy, and she is the one who was berated
when she called about returning the tape.  Judy, and their daughter
Julie work as Horizon's "front office."  As an FBO, Horizon handles
maintenance for me and is kind enough to order what I or any other
owner needs, adds on a small %age, and then bills me as a customer
once/month. I asked for the blade tape based on the AD and Judy put it
on their personal Southwest Visa card in January. When the AMOC came
out, and we hadn't used the tape and we believed it was no longer
necessary, it was returned.  Harry and Judy were going to be hit with
the restocking fee, which would be then passed along to me.  So before
Judy said "yes" to Johnny at Airwolf Aerspace, LLC (as we now all know
it is unrelated to Airwolf, and simply a fluke that they resemble each
other on the web), she asked me for permission and/or assistance, since
I was the one paying this bill and she was uncomfortable having another
confrontation with them.  I said "no" and asked them to work with me
to get the 100% refund I feel I deserve. I asked them to call Chase
Bank (their Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa card company) as well to try
to stop payment.

I then wrote a check for $2500 (Check #2195 on 2/7/08 from WSFS Bank
Account # 207495854, HeliventureUSA (my helicopter corp where I am the
sole owner)) to cover things, as it is unfair to a small helicopter FBO
(owned/operated by a husband and wife) to be out the money. That's what
being ethical is about. I put my money where my mouth is. Feel free to
call Horizon at 302-368-5135 and check to see if I am telling the
truth. I am weary of fighting a multimillion dollar aerospace vendor
like Airwolf Aerospace. But, I will defend my reputation as an
individual and hope you allow that on this site. I have not slandered
or libeled them. I have stuck to the facts.  I would love to see this
resolved professionally, and if they have to charge a restocking fee,
even though Airwolf doesn't (for returning similar parts...), the
industry average is 5%, not 20%.

I am trying to find out if there is any market for the tape, as it
might be better to get it back at 2500 and donate it to a charitable
auction for Angel Flight than to lose 500.  I thank all of you for your

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02-11-2008 04:39:49
Okay - Here is the deal....I have tried to stay open minded and independent and quiet on this debate....But I'm tired of it and it has gone on long enough so this topic has been moved to the Rant & Rave Section........

People can read both sides and decide for themselves. I've had enough.

The tape works. Having spent enough time in the military as rotor and fixed wing aircrew member and a long time as a mechanic and pilot, I can tell you that it does what they claim. If there were measurable performance issues the tape would not have been approved. That is not the issue here. - End of Story -

On another note, Dr. Kaye certainly has a right, in my opinion, to voice his experience with a company that provides a product and service to our community. He has done so and we have had an opportunity to hear the whole story.

To Airwolf,  You will not be getting an apology because I have locked this topic for further comment.

I'm not trying to crucify anyone here.....I'm just tired of reading it

To everyone else......... relax, take a deep breath, and be done with it already.....

And yes, I added Dr. Kaye's comments after I said it was locked.....