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R22 electrical system

03-03-2015 02:10:06

Hi folks
My name s Diego and I am a jet jockey with a keen interest for helicopters and in particular for the Robinson family.
I have one question about the path of the electrical power for the electrical system.
Looking at the schematic it looks like power from the battery is supplied through the closed battery relay to the starter relay and then through the start relay and via the closed alternator relay to the voltage regulator which in turn modulates the trickle charge to the electromagnet - the rotating part of the alternator - sparking the electromagnetic field and thus inducing a certain amount of induced electrical current into the windings of the stator, which once rectified by the diode pack is fed through the starter relay to the bus.
The current from the alternator is also fed to the battery keeping it charged.
Is that correct or I am missing something?


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03-16-2015 04:52:02
Hi Diego,
Sorry for the late response.  I am not sure it is clear what you are asking which is why you may not have yet received a response.  Basically what you have written is correct.  I'll look into the schematic a bit tomorrow and give you a better answer.