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R22/R44 Simulator

10-18-2010 03:21:56

I saw the announcement of the Merlin R22/R44 simulator (below) and wondered if anyone that has flown one of the earlier versions or other brands and thought they were useful for anything other than instrument flying procedures.  I?ve noticed trailers with copter flight simulators at more than one airport, but never signed up to try them.


Merlin Simulation Receives AATD Approval For Pro Series Helicopter FTD

Merlin Simulation has received approval of its affordable, new generation Pro-Series R-22/44 AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device ), the company announced Friday. The FTD may be housed in a trailer or a dedicated room within the training facility.
New Generation means new features incorporating advanced technology, superior visual imagery, and true flight modeling previously found only in high end training devices.

A distortion free visual of near 180? field of view is the largest in the industry for this class of product. Coupled to an aeromodel developed through a rigorous flight test program "the device is not only an accurate representation of the flight characteristics of an R-22/44, but a pleasure to fly. Given the quick responsiveness and steep learning curve of helicopter training, the new R-22 AATD finally provides the necessary feel, look, and flight characteristics of the actual 300C for serious training," reported Ken Zimmerman, President of Merlin Simulation.

Other advanced features include :

? High Fidelity graphics
? World visual and navigation databases
? High Fidelity Cockpit
? High Fidelity Systems replication,  including engine start up and shut down
? A new easy to use instructor station with record/playback
? A high fidelity replication of aircraft systems failures
? Proper engine start up & shutdown
? Simulated Garmin 530 GPS/Nav/Comm unit (moving map)
? Unique instructor and testing tools

The reconfigurable Pro-Series also includes the S300 introduced at HeliExpo 2009 that may be upgraded to include the Schweizer S333. Other models are available upon request.

FMI: www.MerlinSimulation.Com