R44 II Concorde Battery RG24-15 Life
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R44 II Concorde Battery RG24-15 Life

05-06-2019 07:27:51

I am on at least 4 years so far on this battery. Been cared for (mostly put on a Battery Minder trickle charge/maintain/desulfate). And aircraft has usually been in climate controlled environment when not in the field.

This battery is starting to show signs of weakening if I don't get my usual quick start during starter engage. I have not had a chance to do a capacity check yet.

From reading some past posts, it seems this is a good life and performance. I am wondering if anyone has gone much further with their battery life on this model battery? And if they have gotten longer life; suggestions on how they have had such success?

Also; does anyone suggest another make/model of 24 volt battery for the RII? Or any distributor better than Aircraft Spruce for buying the battery.

Thanks very much to all for your input and sharing ideas.


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05-07-2019 10:58:06

I think 4 years is a pretty good run for this battery.  If a Gill went this far I would fall out of my chair!  Batteries are getting better every day.  

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05-21-2019 09:59:33

I change the battery (Only use Concorde XC's) every 36 months on my Beta II (probably half the price of your 28v model).

I go to places where it better start without any problems, and I'm just a recreational guy.

For the less than $10/month a battery costs, it's cheap insurance for me.

If I was at 4 years like yourself, I'd be ordering my new Concorde Battery now !!!