R66 Service Bulletin SB-13 Main Rotor Blade Modification
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R66 Service Bulletin SB-13 Main Rotor Blade Modification

03-31-2015 03:26:06

Hello, now is time for the R66 Blades
So prepare your rasp and sanding.....

Always happy landings.


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03-30-2015 04:53:52
What a joke! If there is a problem with the blades filing off an edge will not do it. Related to this and there is a lot of debate, what is the impact of the SB on a PT91 operator, does it have to be compiled with by the time stated or not? There seems to be a lot of debate on when or if a SB
has to be compiled with? I would definitely not want to be the first one in the shop for this "fix".
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03-30-2015 06:15:24
Has this method been proven to help? Robinson states that  this "will improve safety margins". The next blade SB will require us to glue on what we just sanded off. I think Robinson is scrambling to make some right of a major wrong. But I guess we have to pay to play.Will the blades need to be tracked & balanced after this? Their goes alot of cycles out the window if so....
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03-30-2015 09:53:21
In all my years of observing and subsequently paying for these blades farces, this video takes the cake.
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04-15-2015 09:26:04
Is Robinson the only manufacturer that has blade issues? It seems so. and, it seems to be ongoing.
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04-21-2015 10:43:31
I won't be doing this until it becomes an A.D. What a joke. I thought the 66 was in the clear for with respect to the blades. To my knowledge this has never been a problem on a 66, just a 44? Is this true?