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Rotor blade icing

06-17-2010 01:50:06

Hello all,

I know, it may be not the period of discussing matters like icing, but I encountered rotor icing last week after I got caught in a thunderstorm with hail. It was only for a small period, since the OAT was hovering around 29 degrees Celsius.

What I felt was violent shake of the helicopter (just like a very unbalanced blade). In the time I was flying in around 1500ft, 100kts, and my first instinct reaction was to reduce speed. Due to the nature of the terrain (mountainous area with only small places to land) I didn't attempt to land. Thank god the temperature was too high for the ice to stay and I was out of the hail quickly.

I know that Robinson dictates that no fly is allowed in known icing conditions, but if caught in one what then??

I searched on the net and I found only studies, mainly from Sikorsky and NASA. I also find one from the US army, saying no less than to over speed your blades in order to maintain the same lift.

Any ideas or proper techniques to deal with situations like this??

Oh....and the same morning I've got a bird striking my retreating blade.....No damage thankfully....


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06-17-2010 05:20:01
Wow, bad day Buddy!
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06-17-2010 08:59:15
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06-18-2010 11:38:17
This is the document that I was referring to....

In general, rotor icing is a very complex matter, and no one can give us exact instructions on how to co-op with it....