Rotor Blade RPM setting
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Rotor Blade RPM setting

05-29-2017 10:11:58

I see a lot of discussion re low rotor RPM but have not seen much on the governor setting The green arc for rotor rpm on a R22 is 101% to 104%. I guess most governors are set by the AMO within this 3% limit, but what will be the effect if the governor is set to its max allowable limit (say 104%) versus a machine that is set at its minimum setting (say 101%) Rotor tip speed at 100% is given at 672 fps (737 km/h) At 104% it is 699 (767 km/h) That is a 30 km hr difference and should have a notable effect on performance I tend to reason the machine with the higher blade speed will Use more fuel ? Fly faster ? Generate more lift and better high altitude performance ? Have more engine power available ? Will VNE be less for the faster rotating machine ? The limits are less for the R44 (101% and 102%) Thank you in advance to all the technical guru's