Solid ground handling wheels
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Solid ground handling wheels

09-25-2014 10:13:25

Anybody have any experience with the solid ground handling wheels?  Anybody buy the ones on EBAY?  Where can I get replacement solid foam wheels for my r44?  Thanks for your help.


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09-25-2014 05:31:48
Hello, I have had my tire repairer mount the hard tires (those used for forklift trucks) on the original R44 hubs.
The wheels are definitely heavier but they do not require maintenance and moving the helicopter, with or without cart, has become much easier.

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11-17-2014 09:23:59
8) I purchased a set years ago for my R 44-- the set I purchased were thin, taller, hard plastic wheels, wheel chair like outer portion on wheel. I paid then about $600 set. I loved them. My 9 year old could push/pull the ship. The inflated wheels from Uncle Robbi are tough to keep fully inflated, and tougher to push.....hope this helps