Tail control rod question
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Tail control rod question

02-12-2020 10:44:12

I hope you don't mind me invading your forum to clarify something that's boggling me.

I'm modeling an (articulated) R44 in CAD and can't get the tail control rod to assemble right.

The problem is that the rod connects at the forward and rear ends to bell cranks. These would cause the rod to move in a slight arc, changing angle as the bell cranks push and pull.

Yet, the rod runs through holes in the tail cone bulkheads and the holes are far too tight to allow for a noticeable change in angle in the control rod. Here's a good image for reference:


This is where I'm stumped. Does the control rod in fact change angle (however subtle) as it moves back and forth? Is there something special about the linkage geometry that allows the control rod to move in a straight line instead of an arc?

Thanks in advance for clarifying, if you can!