What is wrong with politicians?
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What is wrong with politicians?

09-04-2009 07:58:21

So I am starting to get a complex, it seems like every time we try and do something with helicopters a couple people throw a fit and a local politician (usually a democrat) has to put up some huge wall to block it. Here is the story.

We were asked by a Salem OR radio station and the State Fair to provide helicopter rides for the 11 days of the fair to celebrate the 150th anniversary. Of course we were happy to put something together and started giving rides for $20/person, yeah you read right, because that was the price cap from the fair. So in order to meet this price point the rides had to be less than 5 minutes and we had to fly an R44 and Bell 206L3. We started flying last Friday, so on Monday the local paper runs a story about 5 neighbors that complained about the noise we generated from 10am to 6pm. The next day all the local news stations came out and did interviews. Well like they say any press is good press so Wednesday, Thursday and Friday our volume over doubled. We flew 375 people today and put just less than 4 hours on each helicopter, not bad. Then the fair operations manager comes up to us today at 6pm and says we can no longer fly the Long Ranger because it is too noisy.  I told them the only way we are staying is if we either fly the helicopters we have or they pay the difference in lost revenue from flying 2 R44's (3 seats per flight). The fair agrees, so tomorrow we will have 2 hour wait because we can't fly near as many people and the fair will be paying us to be there.

So this is what I do not understand, since we started we have flown over 2200 happy citizens however the Mayor tells us we can't continue to provide this service for the next 3 days because maybe 20 people complained. Since when does minority rule?? It is the state fair, it only lasts for 11 days once a year? What about the outdoor concerts that last to 9pm, I guess they don’t make any noise?

I think it is time for the majority to make their voices heard and stand up for what WE want. Oh wait maybe we are too busy working to support the minority living off our tax dollars.


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09-04-2009 09:22:20
Go straight to the local policitians. And I mean STRAIGHT to them.
Complain LOUDLY to said politicos, i.e congressmen, senators, etc.
If you don't know them, use someone that does. Tell them precisely
what you just told us. Expound on the VOTERS who went up with you
and how much they enjoyed it.
Using the press/media will only start a debate. You don't need any more debates since
it sounds like there has already been one that you lost.
AGAIN, GO TALK TO YOUR POLS. They are mostly liars but they
do know how to count votes.

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09-05-2009 04:44:35

did you offer the Mayor a free helicopter ride.......
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09-06-2009 04:20:40
our political system is broken, it is time we forget about health care and reform government. the people that are supposed to represent us in washington have lost touch with the Americans that make this country work. please visit the Web site 912dc.com for info about the march on dc on 9/12/09. god bless America.