Discounted R44 RII Flight Time – $395 HR

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    We would like to share this opportunity with the RHOG members and anyone who may be interested in low cost R44 instruction. Available is a R44 Raven II VFR trainer for $395 an hour (fuel and instructor included) located in Myrtle Beach SC! This is an awesome opportunity to build some R44 time – whether it be PIC time for a commercial rating, military pilots in search of civilian experience or PIC/CFI endorsements. You won’t find more affordable time in an R44 anywhere else. This is a limited time offer!

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    Ok, I will say this:
    I have a beautiful R44 Astro that I will lease for $325 per hour. This includes high time CFII and all fuel and oil.
    I’m located in central Virginia and this is good for any time you want to fly. We have had five different users visit us to fly recently.
    We have maximum or minimum hour limits.
    Please call me at (434) 841-8405.

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    Sorry, I meant to say there are no maximum nor minimum number of hours we require. You can rent for one hour or one hundred. And I believe our price is the best anywhere.

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    Its considered bad etiquette to hijack someone’s thread. While your offer seems like a good deal, our rental is for a R44 Raven II (The national average for renting a Raven II with an instructor is about $600hr). This is a substantial discount for those looking to rent something a little nicer. The Astro is a fine aircraft, but having hydraulics really does matter to a lot of folks.

    Also, we’re located in sunny Myrtle Beach SC so you can stock up on hours while you’re here on vacation! We have no maximum or minimum number of hours required but as our original thread indicates, this is a time-sensitive offer.

    If you are looking to add some time in a R44 Raven II to your resume, this is the deal for you! Check out the link below for more information:

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    I’m very sorry. I had no idea you owned this thread. Maybe you oughta consider running an ad. ??

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    Yes, Please run an ad. The reason is not because we want to keep you from posting your trade but to prevent someone three years from now expecting to get the same rates. PLEASE DO NOT POST THINGS FOR SALE IN THE FORUM.


    Also if you want to advertise you can contact me directly.

    Thanks for the cooperation


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