Intermittent CHT gauge failure.

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    Hello RHOG, this is my first post here. I own a 2016 Raven 2 I picked up in June this year. I have 90 or so hours on the machine and I am having an issue with the Cylinder Head Temp gauge periodically not working. I have had the problem for a while now and have replaced the probe once which seemed to fix the problem for a while but it’s acting up again. The needle will randomly stay on the cold side of the gauge on start/warm up and never move. Sometimes I can switch the master and Aux switches off then back on then it will work. Other times it does nothing. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when this happens. It can occur when I start up cold or warm. I was told the probes fail quite often but I’m starting to suspect it might be something else. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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    I am not a mechanic so I’m of no help. If you’d have posted this question two or three years ago you’d have gotten several replies by now.
    Unfortunately, these forums are pretty dead now.

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    Change the probe.

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    Twice in the past I have simply slipped the zip ties securing the sending wire to a different position closer to the probe. Worked both times but that being said I’ve also had to replace the probe on different ships twice.

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    probes go bad all the time. we keep em in stock because of the high failure rate. also check the wire routing back to the firewall. some times the wires get crispy.

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    I own a R44 Raven I since 2008. Not a single problem with the CHT or any other gauge/probe. Maybe out of the statistics?

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    CHT Probe are very fragile : If when tightening the nut the screw turns the probe should die quickly…
    With some ty-raps, you can avoid to have the screw moving to much

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    Why is this forum so dead now? Is it due to Robinson sales being down? I’d think the used bird owners would still want to be on here???

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    I’m curious why the lack of forum activity also?

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    UPDATE: I am still having the periodic CHT issue after replacing the probe. I have noticed I can tap on the gauge and it will start working. I am having the gauge replaced this week and will update once I get a few flights in.

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    The forum is dead because the website revamp (with much respect to the owners) was a mistake.
    When you give subject matter away on the internet, it’s a home run. When you attempt to charge for same, it simply doesn’t work. People just don’t want to pay.
    One more thing, the home page on this website is terrible. Terrible. It almost hurts my eyes, the tropical ocean blue is so glaring.
    You want to see a website that does ok? Try
    And I’m being serious. Google is the ultimate in simplicity. Do you see ten different things on Google’s home page? No. You only see one.
    When you load up a website’s home page with so many different items, it just isn’t user friendly anymore.
    And I’m a huge admirer of Grant, the originator of this website.

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