R66 Clutch issue

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    Have any other R66 operators experience a failing or leaking clutch? We have a bad clutch at 267hrs. They offer overhauled exhaged on this part so just have wondered how many have failed.Thanks

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    The R66 doesn’t have a clutch.

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    Its a sprag clutch inside the freewheeling unit. IPB calls it a clutch. We are changing one tomorrow due to leaking on a low time ship

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    Yes The Great wizard at Robinson said they have revised the sprag clutch with better seals and design to R&R. Its still a time consuming job and we all here call BS on the MM and how to R&R it. Let us know how you feel ChoppaDocta once complete.

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    Well its easier to just pull the engine than to try to do it with it installed, 2 mechanics 8 hours. We’ve pulled our fair share of R-66 engines for leaking forward seals and engine changes and once you’ve done it a few times its not so bad. It is definitely different than the one we removed.

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    Bingo! Thats what our shop found to be eaisest too.Thanks for your input.Happy Hoildays!!!!!

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