R66 fuel burn – usual gph


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    I have been a R66 owner for some 6 months. But I have never obtained the 22 gph quoted by Robinson. At 70% torque and lightly loaded, I obtain 23 gph. At 80% torque and lightly loaded around 24 gph. The other day, when fully loaded at 80% torque it was up to 25.5 gph.

    Is this normal? Is there any type of adjustment to the engine that I need to consider?


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    I consistently get 23 GPH at 80%

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    Well I own oo61 since new in early 2012. I mostly do fly around Guatemala City which is 5,000 ft elevation. So mostly I fly from 5,500 to 9,000 ft ASL. I consistently get 18 gph and sometimes even 17.
    So probably Robinson was averaging when quoting consumption.

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    At what % of torque do you get that?

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    Are you talking US Gallons or imperial? Seems on the low side at 17-18GPH.
    Owned a Jet Ranger for 4 years and it was 25US GPH.

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