Raven 2 difficult to start


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    Hi guys, kindly request your input regarding R44 Raven2 difficult to start,
    We have just received used R44 Raven2 from US for the flying school here in Indonesia.

    Since we received it in Subang Malaysia, this helicopter having problem with engine starting.
    We have tried so many method, including priming for 30seconds to cool the fuel ect, but no help.

    Our average temp is 30C.

    Is there may be the plugs is the culprit being in hot climate?

    Your input is much appreciated.

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    I’ve had Helicopters that were hard to start in cold weather but never in warm climates.

    Profile photo of Jok Prayogo Jok Prayogo 

    Thanks for your respond. We have found the problem today.
    The contact breaker was stuck at advance position and the gap was too tight. Let’s see what happen tomorrow, hopefully the problem will be resolved.

    Profile photo of dany@alphahelicopters.ca dany@alphahelicopters.ca 

    Did it solve the problem? I would check the timing of the magnetos.

    Profile photo of Jok Prayogo Jok Prayogo 

    Yes, the problem is resolved, we changed the contack breakes and the gap adjusted properly. all is good now, and engine starting is easy.

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