Recommended GPU for R66

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    The later s/n aircraft have the external power plug relocated from the engine compartment to the right of the pilots seat. The plug can be used to trickle charge at less than 10 amps.

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    That change is for the better. Now one can use the startpac and disconnect it and stay in the helicopter.

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    Thank You guys, just for your info Robinson says they have a charger MT990-1 (120v) that can be connected to the “battery Minder”

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    I think this startpac idea makes a lot of sense. We have the pilot side GPU connector and envision leaving the startpac on the floor behind the copilot, plugging it in for starts, then throwing the plug in the back after starts.

    Which model startpac have R66 operators been using with success? Is it worth it to with a lithium model startpac?

    Many thanks.

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    Hi, I ordered the battery minder from Robinson ( connects to the 4 small prongs there in the engine bay) which says charger and desulfator. I keep it plugged at all times and also use a Start Pack for when I am starting out of my hangar.
    By the way, I had recently an issue with n1 not raising or falling after reaching maybe 50%, and it turned out to be a faulty FCU which had to be replaced after 3 months of sending the old one back and forth to Honeywell.
    My helicopter is serial 677 with just 125hrs.

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    My R66 has a charging jack for a BatteryMinder charger in the engine compartment which is the charger to use for the Concorde RG325 battery. You can leave it on all the time and it will actually prolong the life of your battery. If you have an older machine and don’t have a charging jack in the engine compartment I would think you can get one installed.

    I also purchased a StartStick to use as a back up battery if necessary and it fits nicely in the GPU jack beside the pilot seat. It’s nice and compact and has no cables to mess with.

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