stc or 337 for aerial camera mounts

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    Has anyone attempted an STC for a photo window on the floor under the rear seats? Or a 337 for a camera mount on a r-44 raven 1?

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    I have not, I think the traditional camera hole would be a stretch without an STC but some sort of mount might be do-able on a 337. Have you thought of using a HeliPod and mounting the camera in it and then just get the stc for the pods? That’s what I would do….

    Duh….do you need to look through the camera or is it a remote type deal? Never seen one in use……

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    I will be flying a LIDAR hyperspecterial camera. It is a laser system to do survey work. The camera needs a clear view of the ground. I thought I could keep the CG better in balance if I mounted it inside.It is monitored by an operator on a digital readout. The camera and equipment weighs 231#. The unit creates a 3d image that is merged with a digital camera footage and a inertial gps for a very accurate survey of the target area. I could fly with the doors off and suspend the camera out side, but this will be much more difficult.

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    Check out and see if any of their systems would work for you.  I’ve used the middle mount before with UH-1N’s but it wouldn’t suit your purpose.

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    I’ll get a little more specific.  On the Tyler website, click on the Video Gimbal Frameworks tab.  You’ll see the R-44 set up, STC #SR0272LA.  If you contact Tyler directly, maybe they can help you out since you have a specific camera/laser combination that has to used.  Don’t know if this is an option for you, but the guys are really great to work with.

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    I have been asked to fly some lidar work in my R44
    I noticed in the RHOG  blog that you planned todo the same a while ago.
    How did that turn out.

    If posable please return this email to

    Dean Russell
    Vancouver, BC

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    Where are you flying LIDAR at? I have had a geo spatial company approach me and inquire about LIDAR on our R44. What kind of mount did you end up going with?


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    In western Canada.

    LiDAR is ok but the data points per square meter are very low unless you use a helicopter instead of a faster moving plane.
    The new LiDAR systems only weight about 30 lbs. it would be excellent to mount them in the back seat bases and only need to cut out a bit of fiberglass

    I tried to fit the ALS70 LiDAR system in the R44, it is way to big and draws 50amps

    The newest hyper spectral units are also in the 30-40 lbs range and should work well.

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    We have a Utility mount for the R44 that can carry up to 100 pounds on the front of the R44. It was built for a Cineflex, but can carry LIDAR provided the form factor doesn’t exceed the limits in the RFMS/ICA. More info is available at

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