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    I bought my R44 Clipper new and flew it up to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada straight from the factory. It has been an excellent machine. I have flown it virtually every hour it has been in the air.
    I had a hard landing that required a rebuild at 300 hours. Now, it is at 1,800 hours and over 12 years old. So, unflyable.
    What to do?
    A factory rebuild is the obvious but very expensive solution. Does anyone have any experience with Canadian rebuilders or the elusive 12 year inspection and partial rebuild.
    I only use it myself, largely for pleasure

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    Rotorcorp has published a very detailed white paper “Eight Things To Know Before Overhauling Your Robinson Helicopter”. Suggest taking a moment to download and read- it is free, but you will need to enter your name and e-mail for access.

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    Why does your aircraft need a rebuild? The 12 year calendar issue is not legally enforceable. It is NOT an FAA requirement. I realize you are in Canada, but I believe they view it as the FAA does.

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    FAA Approved fatigue life limited parts page in the R44 maintenance manual details what is required by FAA to be replaced. Your insurance or commercial usage make dictate otherwise, but for private use in the USA, ONLY the list on that particular page in the R44 maintenance manual.
    It’s deemed the Airworthiness Limitations Section for Fatigue Life Limited Parts. It is Section 3.300 in Robinson Maintenance Manual.

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    Thanks, one and all

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    Hi Simon.
    There is a guy in Fredericton N.B. CYFC that is refurbishing them. His name is Pat and I have his contact info if you like.


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