Will an R44 fit in a Standard T-Hanger

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    Im trying to move from fixed to rotor and own a t-hngar. Try as I might I cannot find if anyone knows if an R44 will fit.

    Any help?

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    I kept my R44 in a T Hanger. You will need to have the blades 90 degrees to the ship.
    Like an airplane wing

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    Make sure the hanger door height will open high enough and clears the rotor mast of your R44.
    I can’t remember the actual height needed but I’ll bet 11′, barely does the job.

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    We tried to put one in my hangar the other night and it was about an inch too tall. Im just saying this because the door height may be XX feet but the helicopter is taller on wheels and in motion on the wheels than the published height.

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    I agree with what Grant is saying.
    I push a R-22 in and out of a hanger by hand, and there can be a couple of inch difference in overall height, depending on whether the machine is absolutely skids level or slightly tilted.
    Can make a big difference.
    Moral of that story to me is make sure the door height has more than enough clearance!


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